Nelo is an elite Zenith class warrior for the Tono Gians.

The story for Nelo is about an Alien Character named Nelo Aukal. His people, the Tono Gians are at war with their Ai creations the Nightsithe. When their planet, Tono Gia, was suffering from overpopulation, the Nightsithe were created to search through deep space to find and harvest resourceful planets. The Nightsithe mistake the Tono Gians' home planet as a target for harvesting, and has forced the people to escape the planet and find a new home on their own, but the Nightsithe won't make that easy. Your character, Nelo, was awaken from cryo-sleep only to discover that he is the only survivor of a ship that crash landed on another alien planet that was once ruled by another advanced civilization called the Plemnibon. Unfortunately, the planet Plemniba is now a hostile home world to the Nightsithe. Nelo must find his way to escape the planet and rendezvous with the rest of his people.

The story also features a deuteragonist. Nelo's younger brother Jaymar Aukal is very high ranking fleet commander of the Tono Gian resistance. While Nelo is marooned on Plemniba and considored MIA to the rest of his people, Jaymar goes on a quest to avenge his missing brother by searching through space to find and destroy what is believed to be the central control unit for the Nightsithe called the Hive. The Tono Gian council sees his ambition as suicidal and irrational, and dismissed Jaymar to go rouge. All while Nelo is marooned, Jaymar travels to many different locations in space including moons, planets, and asteroid fields to avenge Nelo.

A Zenith warrior's main Weapon, The Hands of Aphelion are telekinetic mech hands and your hands to interact with the virtual world, from manipulating physics objects in the world, ranged melee attacks, and wielding four different projectile weapons at once.

Nelo and Jaymar, are Elite Zenith class warriors for the Tono Gian resistance, who are equipped with the Quasar suit, A power suit that grants them super speed, agility, and advanced mobility like power gliding, wall jumping, air dashing, and meteor attacks. But more notable, Nelo and Jaymar's suits are wirelessly connected to the Hands of Aphelion, an array of four floating mechanical hands that allow them to wield up to four conventional weapons all at once. You can enter battle simultaneously firing four assault rifles or how about a Submachine gun, a shotgun, a laser beam, and a rocket launcher. The Hands of Aphelion allow the player to mix and match the four weapons they want to use for their own recipe of carnage. Because the hands aren't physically connected to your character's body, this allows them to aim independently from the direction your character is facing. The Hands of Aphelion can also grab and throw physics object and even enemies which can be used like improvised grenades. The hands can also be used as ranged melee weapons.

Plemniba is a very hostile Planet. The civilization was very industrial. They believed technology was the path to spiritual enlightenment. But their over industrialization made them an easy target for the Nightsithe.

But one of the more critical mechanics is the ability to seamlessly switch between a third person action mode and a top down twinstick shooter mode in the push and release of a button. This shooting system is more important to the combat than sounds as a concept. The twinstick shooter mode is very beneficial for fast, close quarter combat because it gives you a better view of your surroundings. But the third person mode offers better range and verticality. We mapped this ability to the right mouse button and the left trigger on the gamepad because we use it as much as other shooters use aim down sights. When you kill enemies quickly, your multiplier will increase, when you get a multiplier to certain numbers like 10, 20, 40, 80, ect. You can set off an EMP Bomb to eliminate all the enemies within the blast radius as well as replenish your health. When you don't have a bomb ready you can instead activate a shield that can protect you from practically anything for one second, and has a five second recharge time. This shield acts like a wild card for the player to escape the impossible situations.

A Nightsithe Gorgon-Skull. The Nightsithe were originally designed to harvest resources from other planets to serve the Tono Gian People. After The Revolt, the Tono Gians have been searching for sustanable planets themselves.

Nelo's gameplay goes beyond just combat. You can use your advanced mobility to traverse large structures and explore the alien worlds and even stealth around Nightsithe patrol ships. You will also battle snipers at long range using the highly accurate Railgun, and use your Hands of Aphelion to solve physics based puzzles. There will even be moments where you can control special vehicles like manual gun turrets, a powered Mech Suit with four arms wielding up to four different cannons, and even fly a space craft for orbital dogfights.

Nelo can use his Quasar Suit for Advanced Mobility like Wall Jumping to gain high ground. It's great for combat as well as generally moving around urban enviroments

We also want Nelo to be more than a single player experience. We are working on Two Multiplayer modes for the game. One of the modes is a basic Endurance game that can be played solo or cooperatively. You basically fight endless waves of increasingly difficult enemies until you and your team run out of lives. The other game mode is still in a concept phase but It's a PVP mode where one team will have to defend their base from the opposition using an array of tower defense like items including Traps, Automated Turrets, and the Manual Turrets and Mech suit from the singleplayer mode. The Invader team must spawn hordes of Nightsithe to destroy the enemy strong hold. Both teams must capture and defend territories to gain the resources needed for their objectives.

The Powered Mech Suit can use its four arms to wield four powerful cannons at once. The combonation of armor and firepower makes it a great defensive utility.

Nelo is right now being developed by only two people. Magic & Mirrors is founded by Kevin Bryant, and Michelle Morger. We are working on this project as independent game developers because we believe in creative freedom. As experienced game developers, we have the skills and will power to bring our own visions to life, but can only do that if we are independent artists. Our skills range in most of the major disciplines of game development from 3d art, to animation, to level design, and to programming. But most importantly, we are gamers and we are fueled by the passion of making fun and exciting games.

There Will be plenty of moments in the game that go beyond Nelo's standard Run and Gun combat. Orbital Dogfights are just some of the things that change the pace

We are Developing Nelo using Epic Games Unreal engine 4. We have used the unreal engine in many previous production titles, so we are most experienced with the Unreal tech than any other brand of game engine. We were originally building Nelo using the Unreal Engine 3 Development kit, but we have switched to Unreal Engine 4 in March of 2014. While we are a huge fan of Unreal Engine 3 because of its power and flexibility, Unreal Engine 4 gives us even more intuitive power at our finger tips and brings us much, much closer to what we've envisioned.


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